Camp Carson is the second week of July and
Camp Linden is the third week of July each year.

Each camper must submit an application and health form below along with payment to be considered for camp each year.



Special Friends Camp – 2022

Revised Covid 19 Policy


Due to the dramatic decrease in number of Covid 19 cases, the decision has been made to eliminate the requirement of the Covid 19 booster to attend camp. Vaccination remains a requirement unless there is documented medical reason for why the individual is not vaccinated. In addition, all camper’s guardians/caregivers will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging they are aware of this policy and that, although reasonable precautions will be taken and procedures will be instituted, attendance at Special Friends Camp does carry the risk of contracting Covid 19.

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Fill out the Camper Application and Health Form below and send them in with your payment to enroll your camper.






Health Form