Important Information


February 10, 2021

Dear Special Friends Camp Fans,

We were all disappointed to have to cancel SFC last year due to Covid-19. Although the pandemic numbers continue to be daunting today, there is hope in that the vaccines seem to be very effective and that they are beginning to be more widely distributed. So, with that hope in mind, we are planning to have camp in 2021! It is important, however, that you understand that circumstances could change over the coming months that would force us to cancel again. That said, here are the plans for camp this year in a nutshell. Please bear in mind that these plans are based on what we know today (February 10, 2021) about Covid-19. There will be updates when warranted.


For Everyone

Pre-camp training for staff will be Friday-Monday, July 9-12

Camp Carson will be July 12-16

Camp Linden will be July 19-23.


For Campers

We will be limiting the number of campers to a maximum of 48 males and 48 females at each camp. All campers will have to show proof that they have been vaccinated for Covid-19. If we are not able to secure enough vaccinated Counselors to care for the maximum number of campers, then we will have to reduce the number of campers. Due to the reduced census, we will necessarily have to charge a greater fee for the week, probably as much as $500.00.  Please send in the camper application and health form along with your payment to reserve your spot for camp.  We will not be processing the payments until we determine the fate of camp this year.


For Staff

We will only be filling 36 Counselor positions instead of the usual 48. Anyone wanting to serve as a Counselor will have to show proof that they have been vaccinated for Covid-19. If we do not have enough Campers to register for camp, we may have to reduce the number of Counselors accordingly.


Mark Anderson (aka: Manderson)

Go to www.specialfriendscamp.org 

to learn more about Special Friends Camp.

Below are the camper application and health form.

Fill out the Camper Application and Health Form below and send them in with your payment to enroll your camper.






Health Form