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Message from the President-Treasurer


Thank you for stopping by for a visit at our web site.  I trust that you will find here information that will be helpful to you as you learn about the ministry of Tennessee Baptist Adult Homes.  You will discover that we have a number of residential homes and services that may be just what your family member or friend needs to be able to live life fully and meaningfully in a Christian environment.  Please contact me or one of the other staff listed below for additional information.


All the best,

Mark W. Anderson, President-Treasurer


Tennessee Baptist Adult Homes is a benevolent Christian ministry providing quality residential care for senior adults and adults with exceptional needs.

Values of TBAH

As an organization we aim first of all to be Christian in all that we are and all that we are about.  We are without apology Baptist in our approach and polity being an institution affiliated with the Tennessee Baptist Convention.  And, we emphasize quality in the care we give, the staff we employ, and the facilities we provide.


A Brief Biography of Our Ministry

Tennessee Baptist Adult Homes was founded in 1974 by the Tennessee Baptist Convention with the expressed purpose of leading Tennessee Baptists in developing a residential ministry for senior adults. 

And, in 1987, the Deer Lake Retirement Community in Nashville came under TBAH.  A year later construction was completed on Baptist Village of Johnson City.  


In 1988 the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board assigned TBAH to work with Baptists across the state in providing a residential ministry for adults with exceptional needs. 


We now have two group homes in Knoxville, one in Jacksboro, and two in Lebanon. 


Today, TBAH has seven ministry facilities providing Christian care and homes for senior adults in retirement and also for exceptional adults.  Nearly 150 adults are provided a home in these facilities. 

Board of Directors

Rev. Steve Babcock, Chairman

Rev. Terry Baker, Vice Chair

Rev. Jimmy Burroughs, Secretary

Mr. Jim Acree

Dr. Pam Davis

Mr. John Oliver

Mr. Greg Salyer

Mr. Joe Collins

Mr. Cam Scearce

• Anita McKay:  Adult Homes Bookkeeper

• Connie Hargrove:  Admin. Assistant/Bookkeeper

Mrs. Teresa Grimmett

Mrs. Mary Williamson

Rev. Greg Stanford

Rev. Dan Richard

Mr. Mike Denney

Mr. Tommy Thompson

Ms. Bobby Turner

Ms. Stephanie Wright

Mr. Sammy Walters

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