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Baptist Village -  Humboldt

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Keep   up   to  date   on the   progess   of     our new   retirement   community   by   watching this   video.

The Twenty-Three's of Twenty-Three

Thanks to all who followed our monthly videos in 2022, posted on the 22nd day of each month AND the videos posted on the 21st day of each month in 2021!  It has been fun putting these together, with my son’s help. The “tradition” continues into its third year with this year’s series aptly named “The 23’s of ’23. So, I hope you will come back on the 23rd of each month this year for a new musical offering. Please remember that your financial support for the ministry of Tennessee Baptist Adult Homes is greatly needed and sincerely appreciated. Take a look around our site to see the great work we are accomplishing, with your help, and give.

Send offerings to:
TN Baptist Adult Homes
P.O. Box 682789

Franklin, TN 37068

Click the Donate button to donate by Paypal:

November's  Twenty-Three's of Twenty-Three  Video

January's 23's of 23:

February's 23's of 23:

March's 23's of 23:  Not available

April's 23's of 23:

May's 23's of 23:

June's 23's of 23:

July's 23's of 23: 

August's 23's of 23:

September's 23's of 23:

October's 23's of 23:


To view past year's series, copy and paste the links below:

21's of 21:

22's of 22:

Love in Action...

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