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The Twenty-Ones of Twenty-One

If there’s ever been a year we were ready to have in the rear-view-mirror, it’s last year, right? I’m not even going to name it. I’m just going to say, with fervent hope, that 2021 holds new and great things for us! I have chosen the 21st day of each of the months of 2021 to post a new video message of hope, comfort, gratitude, etc.

March's  Twenty-Ones of Twenty-One  Video

To view previous months in the “Twenty-Ones of Twenty-One” series, click the links below.

January -  https://vimeo.com/502707581

February - https://vimeo.com/514982949

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Toward the goal of cooperation, our normal operations at TBAH are temporarily interrupted through March 31, 2021. The Church Support Center that houses our home office has suspended operations for this period and we are complying with that directive.

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